We are introducing temporary changes to the way we accept reservations and provide the Bed & Breakfast experience at Ashburn House in an effort to minimise risk and comply with any social and health restrictions that we must adhere to in the future, while COVID-19 remains a risk around the world.

Changes to Reservation / Booking procedure

  • In the event there is a resurgence of COVID-19 and we are required to close and cancel your reservation there will be no cancellation charges.
  • In the event you cancel your reservation our normal cancellation charges will apply unless you can provide documentation showing that you are prevented from travel e.g. Your home country restricts you leaving, or your carrier (flight, ferry or train) cancels your travel booking due to COVID restrictions beyond our control.

Changes to in house practice and arrangements

When travel and lockdown restrictions allow us to open our Guest House we are proposing to make temporary alterations to how we work to protect our guests, business and ourselves. These could include the following changes:

  • We may allow rooms to have 1 day unoccupied between guests to allow for deep cleaning.
  • Our breakfast room will be re-configured to aid social distancing. Time slots for breakfast will be allocated to you or a grab and go option will be available for you to eat in your room at your chosen time.
  • Our Continental breakfast will include as many individually wrapped items as possible and each table will have it’s own fresh un-wrapped items, effectively providing each room with their own buffet. This may limit some of the options we would normally provide.
  • We reserve the right to remove some food items from our menu to limit exposure to general atmosphere and / or cover items.
  • Our residents conservatory will only hold one group or one couple at a time.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at various places in the public areas.
  • We will no longer accept payment by cash. Our Preferred Method of payment is by bank transfer or credit or debit card currently.
  • We reserve the right to introduce other arrangements where required or advised to.
  • We will not provide early check in to allow us time to ensure all necessary work has been carried out.
  • To allow us time to carry out all cleaning and hygiene requirements and maintain our social distancing we will require all guests to be away from the house between 10am and 4pm (10.00hrs and 16.00hrs)
  • If we are busy checking in guests you will be asked to wait outside until we can check you in on your own.

These additional arrangements could lead to extra time being required to provide our service to you, but this is in all our interests and we ask for your co-operation.

The additional arrangements also increase our costs, and the reduction in rooms occupied impacts on our lively-hood. We don’t want this after having our income reduced to zero for many months, but must introduce them to get back to the new normality for the future. We can only do this with the co-operation of our guests.